Office Products Available Installation Version 2.6 Version 2.7 Version 2.8 Version 2.9 / 2.9 SP1 Version 2022 Version 2023 Beta
Office Professional Plus 2019 24 September 2018 MSI/C2Rx1 X X X X X x
Office Professional Plus 2016 22 September 2015 MSI/C2Rx2 X X X X X x
Office Professional 2013 1 September 2013 MSI X X X X    
Office Professional 2010 15 July 2010 MSI X X        
x Version 2023 Beta
For the operation of the EPLAN Platform 2023 Beta an installation / use of the Office products is no longer necessary. Any Office product can be used to process exported data in Excel format.
The use of MS Access (*.mdb) is no longer necessary. It has been changed to an EPLAN internal format.

x1 Please install the Microsoft Access Runtime 2016
x2 Please install the Microsoft Access Runtime 2013

The Microsoft Access Runtime component is furthermore required in order to use Access databases in the EPLAN platform.
If you have not installed Microsoft Office or if you use Microsoft Office without Microsoft Access, you must download the Microsoft Access Runtime component as a separate download from the Microsoft Internet site.
If you use Microsoft Office with Microsoft Access, this component is installed as well depending on the respective Microsoft Office installation:
This component is contained at an installation up to and including Microsoft Office 2013 in as far as Microsoft Access is installed as well.
In the case of a "click-to-run" installation of Microsoft Office 2016 this component is not included in the installation of Microsoft Access. In this case you also have to download the Microsoft Access Runtime component.