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Change status

In eVIEW you have the possibility to assign a status to your redlining. The status of a redlining references the status in the workflow. There are five different statuses: "Draft", "Review", "Approved", "Done", and "Rejected".

  1. Click the menu above the toolbar.
  2. The property window opens.

  3. Click the icon.
  4. Select a status.
  5. You can add a comment in the dialog by manually typing it or by selecting a template.

  6. Save the change of the status.


You can also change the status of a redlining via drag & drop.


When a redlining is set to the status Review, the user who added the project receives an e-mail notification.

When a redlining is set to the status Rejected, the creator of the redlining receives a notification by e-mail.

  1. Draft: "Draft" is the initial status of a redlining. The properties of the redlining and the included comment can be edited in this status. The redlining can only be deleted by the creator in this status. Anyone with a corresponding role and permission can see redlinings in the "Draft" status.
  2. Review: Redlinings with this status have been released for review. The user who added the project in eVIEW is informed about the status change via e-mail. The user can check the comment in the redlining and then confirm or reject it.
  3. Approved: The redlining has been approved.
  4. Done: The redlining has been done.
  5. Rejected: The redlining has been rejected.