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Activating a single-user license - with Internet connection

The help for the licensing supports you as a user with the activation, return and transfer of the single-user license of an EPLAN product.


Continuing to use an activated license.

An activated license (EID) is coupled to the software and hardware information of your computer. If you want to carry out modifications to your computer or want to activate the license on a different computer, you must always first return the license (EID)!

More information on when this is in particular required is available here.


  • The computer on which the licensing is being performed has an Internet connection!
  • The EPLAN product is installed and is started for the first time. The dialog for licensing appears.
  • You have an Entitlement ID (EID). Information on this topic is available here.



Activating a single-user license multiple times

Existing licenses that are executed in combination with a dongle can be activated on up to 3 computers. This way it is possible to use the license at different locations without the return procedure. Connect the associated dongle to the computer respectively on which you wish use the license.

A single-user license without a dongle may only be used on one computer!

If you want to use this single-user license on another computer, you have to transfer it. Information on this topic is available here.