This functionality is only available for certain module packages. Info / Copyright


What do I require for a license activation?

  • The computer on which the licensing is being performed has an Internet connection!
  • You have an Entitlement ID (EID). Information on this topic is available here.

Which settings (proxy / firewall) are required to license online?

The settings for the existing Internet connection are adopted by default. In the license dialog for the online activation, a proxy server can be set as the network component via the Settings button and the subsequent dialog. To this purpose enter the relevant data for the address, port, etc. Contact your administrator for the relevant settings.

Do I require a permanent Internet connection?

No, an Internet connection is only required for the activation.

Do I need to install a driver for the new licensing?

No additional driver is required for the new licensing. If you still use a dongle, you continue to require a driver.