Eplan Platform API
Eplan.EplApi.Base Namespace / BaseException Class / GetBookmarkID Method

In This Topic
    GetBookmarkID Method
    In This Topic
    Sets a label in the system error message management for getting a section of the 'message tree'
    public int GetBookmarkID()
    int GetBookmarkID(); 

    Return Value

    a serial number. save this value for later use
    get all messages which have been declared since the given bookmark was set
    int nBookmark = new Eplan.EplApi.Base.BaseException().GetBookmarkID(); //Starting point which sets the new bookmark
    BaseException oBaseException = new BaseException("Exception message", MessageLevel.Error);
    oBaseException.FixMessage(); //This error will be saved under nBookmark
    SysMessagesCollection colSysMsg = new SysMessagesCollection(nBookmark, Eplan.EplApi.Base.MessageLevel.Error);
    SysMessagesEnumerator itSysMsg = colSysMsg.GetSysMsgEnumerator();
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