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Eplan.EplApi.DataModel.EObjects Namespace / Terminal Class / IsMainTerminal Property

In This Topic
    IsMainTerminal Property
    In This Topic
    Determines whether terminal is main.
    public bool IsMainTerminal {get; set;}
    property bool IsMainTerminal {
       bool get();
       void set (    bool value);
    This property returns true if this terminal is a main terminal. The terminal is then similar to a main function. For example, for a main terminal the function templates are displayed in the terminal strip navigator, and a device selection can be performed. A terminal strip can contain as many main terminals as you want. See also chapter 'Defining Multi-level Terminals' of EPLAN Help for more information concerning multi-level terminals.
    In order to create a multi-level terminal, please use the following code:
    //preparing terminal symbol
    string strSymbolLibName = "IEC_symbol";
    string strSymbolName = "X2_B";
    int nVariant = 1;
    Symbol oSymbol = new Symbol(new SymbolLibrary(m_oTestProject, strSymbolLibName), strSymbolName);
    SymbolVariant oSymbolVariant = new SymbolVariant();
    oSymbolVariant.Initialize(oSymbol, nVariant);
    int iDevicePos = 1; // be sure this ID is unique in terminal strip
    int iSortPos = 1;
    Terminal term1 = new Terminal();
    term1.Create(oPage, oSymbolVariant);
    term1.NameParts = plName;
    term1.Properties.FUNC_TERMINALDEVICEPOSITION = iDevicePos;
    term1.Properties.FUNC_TERMINALSORTCODE = iSortPos;
    term1.Properties.FUNC_TERMINALLEVEL = 3;
    term1.IsMainTerminal = true;
    Terminal term2 = new Terminal();
    term2.Create(oPage, oSymbolVariant);
    term2.NameParts = plName;
    term2.Properties.FUNC_TERMINALDEVICEPOSITION = iDevicePos;
    term2.Properties.FUNC_TERMINALSORTCODE = iSortPos;
    term2.Properties.FUNC_TERMINALLEVEL = 2;
    term2.IsMainTerminal = false;
    Terminal term3 = new Terminal();
    term3.Create(oPage, oSymbolVariant);
    term3.NameParts = plName;
    term3.Properties.FUNC_TERMINALDEVICEPOSITION = iDevicePos;
    term3.Properties.FUNC_TERMINALSORTCODE = iSortPos;
    term3.Properties.FUNC_TERMINALLEVEL = 1;
    term3.IsMainTerminal = false;
    ++iDevicePos;  // new device will be created
    Terminal term4 = new Terminal();
    term4.Create(oPage, oSymbolVariant);
    term4.NameParts = plName;
    term4.Properties.FUNC_TERMINALDEVICEPOSITION = iDevicePos;
    term4.Properties.FUNC_TERMINALSORTCODE = iSortPos;
    term4.Properties.FUNC_TERMINALLEVEL = 3;
    term4.IsMainTerminal = true;
    Terminal term5 = new Terminal();
    term5.Create(oPage, oSymbolVariant);
    term5.NameParts = plName;
    term5.Properties.FUNC_TERMINALDEVICEPOSITION = iDevicePos;
    term5.Properties.FUNC_TERMINALSORTCODE = iSortPos;
    term5.Properties.FUNC_TERMINALLEVEL = 2;
    term5.IsMainTerminal = false;
    Terminal term6 = new Terminal();
    term6.Create(oPage, oSymbolVariant);
    term6.NameParts = plName;
    term6.Properties.FUNC_TERMINALDEVICEPOSITION = iDevicePos;
    term6.Properties.FUNC_TERMINALSORTCODE = iSortPos;
    term6.Properties.FUNC_TERMINALLEVEL = 1;
    term6.IsMainTerminal = false;
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