Eplan Platform API
Eplan.EplApi.DataModel Namespace / FunctionBasePropertyList Class / FUNC_DISABLENAMEEVALUATION Property / FUNC_DISABLENAMEEVALUATION Property

In This Topic
    In This Topic
    Use displayed DT as full DT # 20051.
    public PropertyValue FUNC_DISABLENAMEEVALUATION {get; set;}
    property PropertyValue^ FUNC_DISABLENAMEEVALUATION {
       PropertyValue^ get();
       void set (    PropertyValue^ value);

    Property Value

    Returns property value of type System.Boolean.

    If this property is enabled, the DT calculation, i.e. the calculation of the full DT from the visible DT, is entirely disabled. Instead, the visible DT is used directly as the full DT. This helps prevent an undesired transfer of hierarchy properties or nested elements on a full DT.

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