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Eplan.EplApi.DataModel Namespace / Function Class / Properties Property

In This Topic
    Properties Property (Function)
    In This Topic
    EPLAN properties of the Function object.
    public new FunctionPropertyList Properties {get;}
    new property FunctionPropertyList^ Properties {
       FunctionPropertyList^ get();
    Do NOT use this function for TerminalStrip and PlugStrip objects. Those classes have their own 'Properties' members which hide the 'Properties' member of the Function class. When getting/setting the FUNC_CONNECTIONDESIGNATION, FUNC_CONNECTIONDESCRIPTION and FUNC_CONNECTIONCROSSSECTIONS properties, note that the maximum index which can be used is not only determined by the maximum index defined in the properties' definitions but also depends on the count of the function's connection points (i.e. cannot be higher than that).
    Function func;
    func.Properties[Properties.Function.DESIGNATION_PLANT] = "AP";
    func.Properties[Properties.Function.FUNC_COMMENT] = "that is a good function";
    string s = func.Properties[Properties.Function.FUNC_DEVICETAG_FULL];
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