Eplan Platform API
Eplan.EplApi.DataModel.Graphics Namespace / ContactImage Class / Page Property

In This Topic
    Page Property (ContactImage)
    In This Topic
    Returns the page the Placement is on, or assigns a Page object to the placement. If the placement was previously assigned to another page, it is removed from old one and assigned to the page given as an argument.
    public override Page Page {get; set;}
    property Page^ Page {
       Page^ get() override;
       void set (    Page^ value) override;

    Property Value

    Page of the placement. null if it is a transient placement.
    Thrown when the placement's page cannot be retrieved from the data model.
    Thrown when it is not possible to place the placement on given page.
    Thrown when pPage is null.
    In case of PropertyPlacement class setting Page property doesn't change the page for this placement.
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