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In This Topic
    IWriteProtection Interface
    In This Topic
    Defines methods to manipulate write protection on object.
    public interface IWriteProtection 
    public interface class IWriteProtection 
    The following example shows how to use the interface.
    oFunction.Properties.HARNESS_NAME = "old value";
    oFunction.WriteProtected = true;
    using (UndoStep oUndoStep = new UndoManager().CreateUndoStep())
        oFunction.Properties.HARNESS_NAME = "new value";
    Console.WriteLine(oFunction.Properties.HARNESS_NAME.ToString());  //will be 'old value' returned
    Public Properties
     PropertyChecks if an object is currently write protected or sets manual write protection  
    Public Methods
     MethodChecks what kind of a write protection was set.  
     MethodTemporarily disables write protection. Note that current write protection flags are not cleared.  
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