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Eplan.EplApi.DataModel Namespace / MergedArticleReferencePropertyList Class / ARTICLE_PARTIAL_LENGTH Property / ARTICLE_PARTIAL_LENGTH Property

In This Topic
    In This Topic
    Subset / length # 20496.
    public PropertyValue ARTICLE_PARTIAL_LENGTH {get; set;}
    property PropertyValue^ ARTICLE_PARTIAL_LENGTH {
       PropertyValue^ get();
       void set (    PropertyValue^ value);

    Property Value

    Returns property value of type System.String.

    Subset of a part, e.g. 5 pieces of a part, which are only provided in conduits of up to 100. At parts for cables, connections and their accessories (for example shrink tubes or insulating tubes) the contents of this property is evaluated as a length and the entry of decimal values is possible, for example "0.7 m". The value entered here is synchronized with the cable length (Length field in the Cable tab of the property dialog) for the main part of a cable.

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