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In This Topic
    SafetyPoint Class
    In This Topic
    Provides mechanism for automatic locking of DataModel objects
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    public sealed class SafetyPoint 
    public ref class SafetyPoint sealed 
    The mechanism is enabled since creation and until disposing of a SafetyPoint object, so the recommended way is to use it with 'using' keyword
    var project = new ProjectManager {LockProjectByDefault = false}.OpenProject(@"$(MD_PROJECTS)\EPLAN-DEMO.elk");
    //view placement '8' (on page =EB3+ETM/4)
    ViewPlacement viewPlacement8 = project
        .FirstOrDefault(item => item.Properties.DMG_VIEWPLACEMENT_DESIGNATION.ToString() == "8");
    using (SafetyPoint safetyPoint = SafetyPoint.Create())
        Console.WriteLine(viewPlacement8.IsLocked);     //false
        viewPlacement8.Scale = 44.44;                   //set another scale
        Console.WriteLine(viewPlacement8.IsLocked);     //true                   
        safetyPoint.Commit();                           //necessary, otherwise changes from the block are rolled-back
    Console.WriteLine(viewPlacement8.IsLocked);         //again false
    Public Methods
    Public MethodAll changes done up to this point should be accepted. Locked objects are freed.  
    Public Methodstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)Creates SafetyPoint object and starts recording changes.  
    Public MethodVirtual deterministic destructor.  
    Public Methodstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)Gets internal AutoLocking flag. When it's true AutoLocking is active.  
    Public MethodAll recorded changed (if any) will be undone without redo.  
    Public MethodStart recording changes. If already started, has no effect.  
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