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Eplan.EplApi.Gui Namespace / CommandIcon Enumeration

In This Topic
    CommandIcon Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Custom icons to ribbon commands
    public enum CommandIcon : System.Enum 
    public enum class CommandIcon : public System.Enum 
    Accumulator159Accumulator single
    Amplifier160Amplifier single
    CablingSupportPoint161Cabling support point
    CablingTrough162Cabling trough
    Capacitor163Capacitor single
    Circle_000 in circle
    Circle_111 in circle
    Circle_222 in circle
    Circle_333 in circle
    Circle_444 in circle
    Circle_555 in circle
    Circle_666 in circle
    Circle_777 in circle
    Circle_888 in circle
    Circle_999 in circle
    ControlTerminal164Control terminal single
    Converter165Converter single
    Coupling166Coupling single
    Diamond_0200 in diamond
    Diamond_1211 in diamond
    Diamond_2222 in diamond
    Diamond_3233 in diamond
    Diamond_4244 in diamond
    Diamond_5255 in diamond
    Diamond_6266 in diamond
    Diamond_7277 in diamond
    Diamond_8288 in diamond
    Diamond_9299 in diamond
    DigitalElement167Digital element single
    ElecOperatedMechDev168Electric operated mechanic device single
    Eplan93Eplan logo
    Flag_AU186Austria flag
    Flag_BR187Brazil flag
    Flag_CH188Switzerland flag
    Flag_CZ189Czech Republic flag
    Flag_DA190Denmark flag
    Flag_DE194Germany flag
    Flag_DE_BR191Germany-Brazil flag
    Flag_DE_CZ192Germany-Czech Republic flag
    Flag_DE_DA193Germany-Denmark flag
    Flag_DE_EN195Germany-England flag
    Flag_DE_ES196Germany-Spain flag
    Flag_DE_FR197Germany-France flag
    Flag_DE_GB198Germany-Great Britain flag
    Flag_DE_HU199Germany-Hungary flag
    Flag_DE_IT200Germany-Italy flag
    Flag_DE_KO201Germany-South Korea flag
    Flag_DE_NL202Germany-Netherlands flag
    Flag_DE_PL203Germany-Poland flag
    Flag_DE_PT204Germany-Portugal flag
    Flag_DE_RU205Germany-Russia flag
    Flag_DE_SE206Germany-Sweden flag
    Flag_DE_US207Germany-USA flag
    Flag_DE_ZH208Germany-China flag
    Flag_EN210England flag
    Flag_EN_DE209England-Germany flag
    Flag_ES211Spain flag
    Flag_FR212France flag
    Flag_HI213India flag
    Flag_HU214Hungary flag
    Flag_IT216Italy flag
    Flag_IT_DE215Italy-Germany flag
    Flag_IT_US217Italy-USA flag
    Flag_JA218Japan flag
    Flag_KO219South Korea flag
    Flag_NL220Netherlands flag
    Flag_PL221Poland flag
    Flag_PT222Portugal flag
    Flag_RO223Romania flag
    Flag_RU224Russia flag
    Flag_SE225Sweden flag
    Flag_TR226Turkey flag
    Flag_US229USA flag
    Flag_US_DE228USA-German flag
    Flag_US_IT230USA-Italy flag
    Flag_ZH231China flag
    FluidDrive103Fluid drive single
    FluidFilter104Fluid filter single
    FluidMeasuringDevice105Fluid measuring device single
    FluidPowerArea108Fluid power area
    FluidSensor106Fluid sensor single
    FluidValve107Fluid valve single
    Generator169Generator single
    HeatExchanger170Heat exchanger single
    Hexagon_0300 in hexagon
    Hexagon_1311 in hexagon
    Hexagon_2322 in hexagon
    Hexagon_3333 in hexagon
    Hexagon_4344 in hexagon
    Hexagon_5355 in hexagon
    Hexagon_6366 in hexagon
    Hexagon_7377 in hexagon
    Hexagon_8388 in hexagon
    Hexagon_9399 in hexagon
    Inductor171Inductor single
    InterlockingSystem172Interlocking system single
    MeasuringConnection173Measuring connection single
    MeasuringDevice174Measuring device single
    Modulator175Modulator single
    Motor176Motor single
    Octagon_0100 in octagon
    Octagon_1111 in octagon
    Octagon_2122 in octagon
    Octagon_3133 in octagon
    Octagon_4144 in octagon
    Octagon_5155 in octagon
    Octagon_6166 in octagon
    Octagon_7177 in octagon
    Octagon_8188 in octagon
    Octagon_9199 in octagon
    PartBreak109Part break
    PartCable110Part cable single
    PartCylinder111Part cylinder
    PartDistributionBox112Part distribution box single
    PartFluidPipePacekt113Part fluid pipe packet
    PartHeating114Part heating
    PartLamp115Part lamp
    PartMountingPanel116Part mounting panel
    PartPLC117Part PLC single
    PartPlug118Part plug single
    PartPressureIntensifier119Part pressure intensifier
    PartRectifier120Part rectifier
    PartSeparator121Part separator
    PartTerminal122Part terminal single
    PiAllocator123PI allocator single
    PiArmature124PI armature single
    PiCentrifuge125PI centrifuge single
    PiChimney126PI chimney single
    PiCompressor127PI compressor single
    PiConveyor128PI conveyor single
    PiCooler129PI cooler single
    PiDryer130PI dryer single
    PiElectrolysisCell131PI electrolysis cell single
    PiEvaporator132PI evaporator single
    PiFilter133PI filter single
    PiForm134PI form single
    PiFumeChamber135PI fume chamber single
    PiHackler136PI hackler single
    PiHoister137PI hoister single
    PiInspector138PI inspector single
    PiKneader139PI kneader single
    PiMedium140PI medium
    PiMixer141PI mixer single
    PiOven142PI oven single
    Piping143Piping single
    PiPiping144PI piping single
    PiProcConPoint145PI proc con point
    PiProcDefPoint146PI proc definition point
    PiScales147PI scales single
    PiSeparator148PI separator single
    PiSieve149PI sieve single
    PiSorter150PI sorter single
    PiState151PI state
    PiSteamBoiler152PI steam boiler single
    PiStirrer153PI stirrer single
    PiStorage154PI storage single
    PiTransporter155PI transporter single
    PiVessel158PI vessel single
    PiVesselCoating156PI vessel coating single
    PiVesselPipeQueue157PI vessel pipe queue single
    PlanConsumerFunction101Plan consumer function
    PowerUnit177Power unit single
    PpeApparatus76PPE apparatus
    PpeBlockOfBuildings77PPE block of buildings
    PpeConsumer78PPE consumer
    PpeFunction79PPE function
    PpeMachine80PPE machine
    PpePctLoop81PPE PCT loop
    PpePickUp82PPE pick up
    PpePlantPart83PPE plant part
    PpePlantSection95PPE plant section
    PpeSensor97PPE sensor
    PpeSoftwareFunction98PPE software function
    PpeWorkBuildings99PPE Work buildings
    PrimeMotor178Prime motor single
    Pump179Pump single
    Rectangle_0400 in rectangle
    Rectangle_1411 in rectangle
    Rectangle_2422 in rectangle
    Rectangle_3433 in rectangle
    Rectangle_4444 in rectangle
    Rectangle_5455 in rectangle
    Rectangle_6466 in rectangle
    Rectangle_7477 in rectangle
    Rectangle_8488 in rectangle
    Rectangle_9499 in rectangle
    Rectangle_A50A in rectangle
    Rectangle_B51B in rectangle
    Rectangle_C52C in rectangle
    Rectangle_D53D in rectangle
    Rectangle_E54E in rectangle
    Rectangle_F55F in rectangle
    Rectangle_G56G in rectangle
    Rectangle_H57H in rectangle
    Rectangle_I58I in rectangle
    Rectangle_J59J in rectangle
    Rectangle_K60K in rectangle
    Rectangle_L61L in rectangle
    Rectangle_M62M in rectangle
    Rectangle_N63N in rectangle
    Rectangle_O64O in rectangle
    Rectangle_P65P in rectangle
    Rectangle_Q66Q in rectangle
    Rectangle_R67R in rectangle
    Rectangle_S68S in rectangle
    Rectangle_T69T in rectangle
    Rectangle_U70U in rectangle
    Rectangle_V71V in rectangle
    Rectangle_W72T in rectangle
    Rectangle_X73X in rectangle
    Rectangle_Y74T in rectangle
    Rectangle_Z75T in rectangle
    Relay180Relay single
    Resistor181Resistor single
    SafetyDevice182Safety device single
    SignalingDevice183Signaling device single
    SpecialComponentSingle91Special component single
    SubPlateSingle92Sub plate single
    Switchgear184Switchgear single
    SwitchSingle185Switch single
    SymbolRepresentationType100Symbol representation type
    SystemConfig94System configuration
    TaskList96Task list
    TerminatorSingle85Terminator single
    TransformerSingle86Transformer single
    TransmissionPathSingle87Transmission path single
    UserDefRail88User definition rail
    ValveSingle89Valve single
    WireSingle90Wire single
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