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In This Topic
    Translate Class
    In This Topic
    Class providing functionality for translating project data.
    Inheritance Hierarchy


    public class Translate 
    public ref class Translate 
    Public Constructors
    Public ConstructorDefault constructor  
    Public Methods
    Public MethodOverloaded. Method for adding a project language. It adds the language to the set of possible languages.  
    Public MethodOverloaded. Correct translations in project.  
    Public MethodDestructor  
    Public MethodExporting text from translation database  
    Public MethodOverloaded. Exports a missing-word list of the given objects.  
    Public MethodDetermines the list of languages, which the given storableObjects have in common. Is used for getting the common languages of a project.  
    Public MethodOverloaded. Get string displayed in project-independent dialogs (like parts management).  
    Public MethodImporting text to translation database  
    Public MethodOverloaded. Method for importing texts from the project into the dictionary (language database). As the case may be, one or more new languages will be added to the dictionary. The language database into which the texts will be written are determined by a user setting. The languages specified in listLanguages should be already in the translation languages of the project, otherwise nothing is is imported for a language.  
    Public MethodOverloaded. Method for removing a project language. It removes the language from the set of displayed languages.  
    Public MethodMethod for removing a collection of languages from a project.  
    Public MethodOverloaded. Method for adding a language that will be displayed in the project.  
    Public MethodTranslates all texts of a StorableObject (also project or page).  
    Public MethodTranslates all texts of a page in the specified project.  
    Public MethodTranslates all texts in the specified project.  
    Public MethodGet translation for the given text, according to project settings.  
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