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In This Topic
    In This Topic
    Action class for edit functions: open a project, open a page with a name, open a page with a device name and open a page with name and set the cursor at x y coordinates.

    Parameter Description


    Project name with full path (optional).
    If not entered, the selected project is used when the action is called from GUI (like from a script or button bar). 
    If called from the windows command line, PROJECTNAME must be set or the  must be used first, otherwise an  exception is thrown. 


    Name of the page to be opened(optional). Required if X, Y have been specified as parameters. 


    Name of an item (optional).


    X coordinate (optional). Parameter is only valid if the PAGENAME parameter is available.


    Y coordinate (optional). Parameter is only valid if the PAGENAME parameter is available.


    Name of the installation space too be opened (optional). not possible to use with PAGENAME


    Name of an item inside of an installation space (optional).

    The current action checks the parameters and execute the corresponding operation. One of the following operation will be done. 
    The operation n° 1 has a highest priority and the operation n° 5 has the lowest priority. 
    For example if a page   name and device name are set, so the operation n° 1 will be executed. 
    Otherwise it checks if it is possible to execute the remaining operations. 
    If at all no parameter was set, soonly the project will be opened(operation n° 5). 
    1- open a page with name and a device name. The device will be selected. If the given device was not found on the page, so the page will be opened and no element will be selected. 
       In this case an error message will be inserted into message system. 
    2- open a page with a name, X and Y coordinates. 
    3- open a page only with a name. 
    4- open a page which holds the  first device name found. 
    5- open a project

    Open project:
    edit /PROJECTNAME:C:\Projects\EPLAN\ESS_Sample_Project.elk
    Open page:
    edit /PROJECTNAME:C:\Projects\EPLAN\ESS_Sample_Project.elk /PAGENAME:=AP+ST1/7
    Open page by a device tag of a device, which is located on the page:
    edit /PROJECTNAME:C:\Projects\EPLAN\ESS_Sample_Project.elk /DEVICENAME:=AP+PT1-G1
    Open page and set cursor to X, Y position:
    edit /PROJECTNAME:C:\Projects\EPLAN\ESS_Sample_Project.elk /PAGENAME:=AP+ST1/7 /X:200 /Y:100
    edit /PROJECTNAME:$(MD_PROJECTS)\ESS_Sample_Project.elk /DEVICENAME3D:=EB3+ET1-F14