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In This Topic
    In This Topic
    Action class to synchronize project's data.

    Parameter Description


    Type of synchronization task to be performed:
    MULTILINE: 'Multi-line' data synchronization.
    SINGLELINE:'Single-line' data synchronization.
    OVERVIEW: 'Overview' data synchronization.
    SYSTEMPARTSTOPROJECT: Add system parts to your project.
    PARTSTOSYSTEM: Add parts of the project to the system.


    Project name with full path (optional).
    If not entered, the selected project is used when the action is called from GUI (like from a script or button bar). 
    If called from the windows command line, PROJECTNAME must be set or the  must be used first,otherwise an  exception is thrown. 


    Specifies whether existing parts are overwritten or only new ones added (optional). 
    • Default = 0 (Append only new ones).
    • 1 (Overwrite existing).
    • 2 (Overwrite existing and append new).
    This parameter is only effective with the following value of the TYPE parameter: SYSTEMPARTSTOPROJECT.

    This action can be used to synchronize 'multi-line', 'single-line' and 'overview' project's data, and to synchronize the system parts with the project and vice versa.