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EPLAN Cogineer Cloud offers simple ways to quickly get to first results.

Here you get an overview of the first steps that you need for a successful start.

In DesignerConfigurators and sets of rules are defined on the basis of EPLAN macros in Designer. These form the basis for the configuration and the automatic generation of the project documentation. you create the configurators for the project documentation of your products.

To do this define the rules on the basis of your EPLAN macros.

You can find all information you need for this here.

In the Project BuilderThe project-specific configuration and the automatic generation of the project documentation takes place in the Project Builder on the basis of the configurators and sets of rules defined in the Designer. use the configurators that were defined in the Designer.

On the basis of the defined rules configure and generate the project documentation for the desired product version fully automatically.

Here you can find information on all new features in the current version.

Start here, if you want to know what has happened since the last version.

Application examples

Video demo: Defining dependencies / Workflow

Video demo: Intelligent part selection on the basis of simple calculations

Video demo: Multi-drive design

Video demo: Generation of different variants of the "ESS Sample Project"

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