This functionality is only available for certain module packages. Info / Copyright

Exchanging Parts (Enclosure)

The "Exchange parts" functionality replaces the part of a 3D part placement (enclosure) and in the process replaces the 3D graphical macro of the original enclosure by the graphical macro of the other part. This can be necessary if the 3D graphical macro has been revised or if a larger or smaller enclosure is required for the existing mounting layout.

The exchange of the part allows enclosures to be replaced by other enclosures in a single pass. It is no longer necessary to search for, delete and once more place all the existing 3D graphical macros in the layout space.


  1. Select the Exchange parts popup menu item.
  2. Select the desired enclosure part in the Part selection dialog. Click [OK].
  3. In the dialog Select macro variant select the variant of the 3D macro that is to be used during replacing. Click [OK].

    The original enclosure is replaced by the new enclosure part.

    The part placements from the original enclosure are placed at the same position in the new enclosure.

    Errors which occurred during the exchange are displayed in a message (for example assignment to mounting surfaces that was not possible, accessories that were not transferred, etc.).

    If accessories that do not exist in the new enclosure could not be transferred, this is displayed in a system message.
  4. Use the Check run 026103 to determine part placements whose mounting surface does not exist in the migrated enclosure. These objects are displayed in the layout space navigator under the hierarchy level "Incorrectly placed". For the correction incorrectly placed part placements must be placed manually on the existing mounting surfaces.


If the "Incorrectly placed" hierarchy level in the layout space navigator was not removed automatically after a new manual placement of the objects displayed in it, select the menu items Project > Organize > Compress.