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Tab Interruption point

In this dialog you specify the properties for the selected interruption point(s). The Properties <...> dialog is available for placed interruption points.

Overview of the main dialog elements:

Displayed DT:

You can enter the device tag here which should be shown at the interruption point in the graphical editor, or click [...] to open the Place existing interruption point dialog and select an interruption point there to which the record should be assigned.

Full DT:

This field displays the full DT (i.e. structure identifier of the current environment + displayed DT) of the component / item. Use the [...] button to open the Full DT dialog. You can edit the structure identifiers there and select, e.g., another mounting location.

Sort code:

The sort code defines the sequence in which the interruption points are sorted. It is automatically assigned by EPLAN, but can be changed in this field. (The standard sort code is 100, i.e., the sorting occurs by page, row, and column.)


The interruption point can be assigned a descriptive text here. When using existing interruption points, this text is shown for the first interruption point (source).

Star source:

Check this check box if the interruption point is to be connected to all the other interruption points as the source of a star layout.

Properties group box

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