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Tab Connections

On this tab you can change certain properties of the terminal connection points and their connections, such as the potential type or the Cable connection point property. These settings influence the output of the terminals and their targets in reports (for example terminal and cable diagrams). You can also swap external and internal terminal targets.

Overview of the main dialog elements:

Tab Connection point [n]

For each function connection point of the terminal with the "Conductor / wire" connection point type, a separate Connection point [n] tab is displayed in which all targets of this connection point are listed. Function connection points with other connection point types (e.g., jumper connection points) are not displayed.


The connection point targets of the respective connection point are displayed in this table. The connection point properties specified in the Connection point logic dialog (on the Symbol / function data tab) are shown as the default values. You can change the connection point properties; the changed values are then used in reports and when tracking targets. If there are changes in the Connection point logic dialog, the corresponding values are updated here.


If you have used the popup menu item Terminal: Swap internal / external in the dialog Edit terminal strip to swap the internal and external sides of the terminal targets, this change is also displayed here. The entries in the Connection point and Form position fields are swapped respectively for the first and second symbol connection points.

Popup menu:

The popup menu provides - depending on the field type (e.g. date, integer, multilingual) - the following menu items that are, depending on the situation, available for influencing the table or editing the values in the fields. You can find an overview of these popup menu items in the section Popup menu items.

In addition, the following dialog-specific popup menu items are available:

Menu item


Reset connection properties

Resets the connection properties to the values specified in the Connection point logic dialog. This setting affects all connection points of the terminal.

Hide jumper destinations

If this option is selected, targets which are jumpers are not shown in the Target column. This setting affects all connection points of the terminal.

Number of targets:

The number of targets for the connection point are displayed in these fields.

Potential type:

In these fields you can determine - in accordance with the assignment of the cable connections - the potential type for the connection point. The following potential types are available: -, +, L, M, N, Undefined, PE, PEN, and SH. The values from the Connection point logic dialog are displayed as the default values.

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