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Inserting Continued Dimensions

As long as the continued dimension is activated, the last dimension end point is always interpreted as the dimension starting point for the next dimension line. The next drawn point is then the new dimensioning end point.

Every section is separately dimensioned, i.e., the dimension value for a continued dimension only relates to the associated section.

  1. Insert > Dimensioning > Continued dimension
  2. Specify the starting dimensioning point by clicking it with the left mouse button.
  3. Specify the first end dimensioning point.
  4. Define the offset of the dimensions to the object being dimensioned. To do this, move the mouse in the vertical direction until the desired spacing is reached and click with the left mouse button.

    The dimension help lines are drawn with the corresponding height.
  5. Specify the next end dimensioning point.

    The dimension line is drawn to the height and direction of the preceding dimension line and the dimension line is centered on the section.
  6. Specify the other end dimensioning points.
  7. End the action via the Cancel action popup menu item or via the [Esc] button.

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