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Dialog Suggested identifiers

In this dialog, you can define your own sets of identifiers.

Overview of the main dialog elements:


The trade of the function definition is shown here.


The category of the function definition is shown here.


The group of the function definition is shown here.

Function definition:

The function definition is shown here.


Double-click the Trade, Category, Group or Function definition column header to sort that column alphabetically in ascending or descending order.

IEC / IEC 61346 / IEC 81346 / NFPA / GB/T 5094:

An identifier set is included in the delivery for each of these standards and displayed in these columns. The IEC identifier set cannot be changed.

<User-defined identifier set>:

If you have created your own identifier set, a new column with a matching header will be displayed. Enter the identifiers for the individual functions into the various cells. Multiple identifiers can be separated by semicolons. When you insert an item, the first identifier you entered will be used by default.

Popup menu:

The popup menu contains the following commands:



Freeze panes

Fixes all the rows of the table above the selected row, or all of the columns to the left of the selected column. The rows below, or the columns to the right of the selection, can still be moved by using the scroll bar.

Unfreeze panes

Removes the freezing so that all of the rows and columns can again be moved using the scroll bar.

Adjust column width

Adjusts the width of all table columns so that both the headings and column contents are fully legible.

Font size 100%

This menu item is only available if the font size has been changed in the table (via [Ctrl] + scrolling with the mouse wheel). Re-displays the text in the table in its original font size.


Opens the New identifier set dialog. Allows the creation of a set of identifiers.


Deletes the content of the selected fields and copies it to the Clipboard.


Copies the content of the selected fields to the Clipboard.


Inserts the contents of the Clipboard into the selected fields.


Deletes the contents of the selected fields.


Imports identifier sets from an XML file.


Exports the selected identifier sets to an XML file.

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