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Combining Elements Into a Block / Breaking up a Block

You can use the two commands Form block and Break up block to combine graphical elements of a page (e.g. lines, circles, etc.) into a block, or break up an existing block into its original individual elements.

Combining individual records into a single record in this way reduces the storage requirements and increases the database access speed. When forming a block, the following cases are handled differently:


You have opened a page, form, plot frame or symbol.

  1. Select the graphical elements that are to be combined into a block and then select the menu item Edit > Other > Form block.

    The selected elements are combined to a block and the objects can no longer be individually edited.

    If objects in the collection of selected elements are grouped, then the grouping is automatically removed before the block is generated.

    If the collection of selected elements contains more than one logical object and/or language-neutral texts then a message is displayed and the block formation is canceled.
  2. Select the block that you wish to break up and then select the menu item Edit > Other > Break up block.

    The block is broken up into its elements and the objects can now be individually edited once more.

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