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Check Runs

The messages generated during a project check are stored in the message database, and displayed in the Message management - <Project name> dialog. For each message, a short descriptive text is displayed. You can use the help system to obtain a more exact description of the cause and suggestions for solutions.

The criteria to be checked can be configured and saved in a scheme. You can also export a scheme so you can use it for other projects.

Device data is checked, such as incompleteness in definitions (terminals, plugs, cables, devices, PLC, etc.), multiple (non-cross-referenced) or no longer existing devices. In addition function-specific checks can be carried out, for example short-circuits, ring connections, incomplete cross-references or interruption points, incorrect potential definitions etc. In addition you have the possibility to check the parts master data stored in the parts database.

Types of check

You can define so-called types of checks for project checks. The type of check defines how and if the checking criteria are to be used. Message management provides the following configuration options for types of check:

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