Association of Functions to Drives

Drive systems consist of different components such as motors, converters, sensors etc. Such components belonging to a drive can now be grouped in EPLAN. To this purpose the new, indexed property Drive [1-10] (ID 20576) is available at the functions in the schematic. With this property up to ten drives can be assigned to a function.


You can group the drive components by means of the new Drive property. This grouping is displayed in the drive-oriented view of the PLC navigator and you edit the drive components transparently.

For functions that are assigned to a drive you specify the type of device more precisely in the new property Drive: Device type (ID 20577), for example "Synchronous motor", "Converter", "Encoder", etc. The property is displayed in the part reference data. The values to be entered in the device type are as a rule specified by the manufacturer.

With the part property of the same name Drive: Device type (ID 40349) you can store the device type at the part. During a part selection the device type is transferred to the function.

Drive-oriented view in the PLC Navigator

The tree view of the PLC navigator has been extended with the additional view Drive-oriented for the display of drives with their associated functions.

In this view the PLC data within the project structure is assigned according to the drives. Drives are identified by the preceding icon . The functions are displayed below the hierarchy levels "Configuration project", "Drive" and "Station ID". Functions to which you assigned a configuration project and / or a station ID but no drive in the property dialog are also displayed in this view.

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