Displaying States of PLC Cards and Exchanging with PLC Configuration Programs

There are PLC cards that can display states. This way states such as the operating status, error statuses etc. can be signaled, for example, through built-in LEDs. Such a state can be sampled. You can now predefine such states as free symbolic addresses without assignment to a channel or PLC connection point in the assignment list. The free symbolic addresses are exported and imported during the PLC data exchange. After an import you can use the free symbolic addresses in EPLAN.


States of PLC cards can now be exported and imported as free symbolic addresses during the PLC data exchange. By means of the new function definition for internal PLC connection points you can display the states of PLC cards in the schematic.

If you want to later display the free symbolic addresses and the associated function texts in the schematic you must place a symbol. The new function definition "PLC connection point, internal, general" function definition is available to this purpose. A symbol without graphic is assigned to this function definition by default. Since the corresponding LEDs are firmly integrated in the PLC card, no connections have to be drawn in the schematic.

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