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Structure Identifier Management

When editing projects, it is necessary not only to define structure identifiers for identifier blocks such as "Higher-level function" or "Mounting location" etc. within page editing and the schematic, but also to create them, edit them, and remove them in a central location. "Structure identifier management" makes it possible to edit these identifiers centrally. The main task of this editor is to determine the order of identifiers. They are, in contrast to other identifiers, not automatically sorted alphanumerically, but instead follow the order in the database of structure identifiers.

The EPLAN-specific structure identifiers can be either of an identifying nature for the project structure, or only informational. They offer the possibility of structuring the project from the product view, installation view, location view, etc. The user can configure pages, device tags, etc. to custom requirements using structure identifiers. A structure identifier can consist of a single identifier block or of a combination of multiple identifier blocks.

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