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Exporting Projects

You can export projects from the page navigator or via the project management. Exported projects are XML-compatible and can be edited using an external application (e.g. text editor) before being reimported into EPLAN.


You have selected a project. When exporting from the page navigator, it is sufficient if you have marked a project page in the Pages - <Project name> dialog or opened a page in the graphical editor.

Page navigator: Project > Organize > Export.

Project management: [Organize] > Export.

  1. In the Export project to dialog, enter the storage location for the project to be exported. You can create a new directory if required by using the New > Folder popup menu item.
  2. Click [OK].

    The project is exported, and a progress bar shows the progress. The exported project *.epj is stored in the target directory in XML format.

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