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Dialog Migrate parts database

In this dialog you make settings for the migration of an existing parts database from older EPLAN versions into a new parts database.

After the migration the new parts database is set in the Database source group box of the settings dialog and this database is used for the parts management and part selection. However, such parts databases cannot be used in previous EPLAN versions (Version 2.9 or earlier).

Overview of the main dialog elements:

Existing parts databases:

Here you are shown which database type (Access or SQL) is migrated. You can select a different existing parts database by using with the Access option and […] with the SQL Server option.

New parts databases:

Here the new parts databases which arise after the migration are shown.

  • For the Access option the old name is used by default for the new parts database. Click to select a different directory.
  • For the SQL server option the old name with the extension _<consecutive_number> is used by default for the new parts database. With (New) you can branch to a subsequent dialog and generate a new database with a different name there.
    From the drop-down list select the name of the old, existing SQL database. Then you can also migrate into the same parts database.

In addition, the following dialog-specific popup menu items are available:

Menu item


Insert path variable

Only available for the options Access and EPLAN. Opens the Select path variable dialog from which you can import one of the available path variables.

Delete entries

Only available for the SQL Server option. Completely deletes the list of the databases apart from the currently used database.


During a migration not only is the data transfered to a new parts database but the old Access or SQL parts database is updated as well. This way this parts database can be opened in older EPLAN versions, for example, to select parts or devices, but cannot be edited. A backup copy of an Access database is created during the migration (for example ESS_part001 backup 1.mdb). We also recommend creating a backup before migrating SQL parts databases.

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