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Copying Parts and Pasting Data

Paste a part

By copying and pasting parts you can rapidly create new parts with existing data.


  • You have opened the Parts management dialog (Tab Master data > Command group Parts > Management).
  • You have marked and copied a part or several variants in the tree.
  1. Mark the position in the tree at which the part is to be inserted.
  2. Select the Insert popup menu item.

    EPLAN generates the new part with the part number <Original_Part_Number>(1) in the current hierarchy level.

    If you have marked the hierarchy level of the part before copying, the new parts has all variants of the copied part. If you have marked one or more variants of a part, the new part is generated exactly with these variants.

    The ERP number of a part is not copied as well during copying in order to avoid duplicate ERP numbers.
  3. Edit the copied data on the right-hand side of the parts management in the tabs or enter new data.

    If the product group of the selected target does not match the product group of the source part, data of properties can also be transferred which are normally not displayed for the product group of the target.
  4. Click [Apply] to save the entries and modifications without leaving parts management.

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