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Dialog Customize shortcut keys

In this dialog you can customize new shortcut keys for the commands (for example from the ribbon) or remove existing shortcut keys.

Overview of the main dialog elements:


Here you select the desired tab of the ribbon. According to your selection the associated commands are displayed in the Commands field.


  • To change or customize a shortcut key for the default commands of the quick access toolbar such as Previous page, Undo, etc., select the "Home" entry here. When the "All commands" entry is selected, commands from the Backstage view are also listed in the Commands field (for example Print, Back up, etc.).
  • You can exchange the customized shortcut keys with other users by using the export and import of the user-specific settings.


Here you select the command whose shortcut key you want to edit.

Current keys:

The shortcut key assigned to the marked command is displayed here (if available). Several shortcut keys can be assigned to one command.


A short description of the selected command is displayed here.

New shortcut key:

Enter the desired shortcut key in this field. The [Alt], [Ctrl] etc., keys are entered by simply pressing that particular key and are then shown here directly.

After the entry, the "Assigned " text as well as the name of the command are shown below this field, in as far as the shortcut key was already assigned to a command.


Assigns the shortcut key entered in the New shortcut key field to the selected command.


Deletes marked shortcut key in the Current keys field.

[Reset all]:

Deletes all assigned user-defined shortcut keys after a prompt. The default configuration is reassigned.

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