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Working with Workspaces

An EPLAN workspace encompasses the sizes and the positions of the EPLAN main window, the editors (graphical editor, symbol editor, form editor, etc.), the Insert center and the "dockable" dialogs (navigators, message management, etc.). For the dockable dialogs and the Insert center the settings for the window position (for example dock, flyout, etc.) belong to a workspace. The customizations of the ribbon with, for example, user-defined tabs and command groups are also saved to a workspace.

This is handy, for example, for adjusting EPLAN to different project planning tasks. You can switch over to PLC processing with a click, for example, and automatically open all of the required dialogs, whereby positions and settings are already specified. All unnecessary dialogs are automatically closed.

Work areas can be saved as schemes at any time and then selected or deleted at a later date. With EPLAN you can use several a predefined work areas in the Workspace dialog, which you can use as a template for future work areas, for example. Just as you usually can with the schemata, you can also create, copy, delete, import and export schematas for the work area by using a toolbar.


The workspaces from previous EPLAN versions (Version 2.9 or earlier) cannot be used.

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