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Optimized Display for Tables

As part of this redesign of the user interface the appearance and behavior of the tables has partially changed. To optimize the display the new popup menu item Column width automatic is available in many dialogs, and in some dialogs with property tables (e.g. first tab of the property dialog, Properties tab of the parts management) the new popup menu item Customize row.

Automatic column width

In many dialogs tables (such as, for example, property tables) are now displayed in such a way that they fill the entire available area completely. If the respective dialog is resized, the width of the table is automatically adjusted. If the column width is adjusted automatically and in this way reduced so that, for example, a large unused area arises, you can automatically adjust the width of the table by using the new popup menu item Column width automatic.

Customizing the display of individual rows

Long, multi-line texts are often entered in table rows with describing texts. To improve reading of such texts (without scrolling), you have the possibility in some tables to influence the row height. The new popup menu item Customize row is available to this purpose. You can determine the row height for the marked row in the dialog then opened and in addition emphasize the text of the row in bold. The settings made are saved for the marked row.

In some dialogs with a table the row height could already previously be specified manually. To do this you had to move the separators between the rows with the mouse. This behavior has been changed:

  • In the dialogs Edit terminal strip and Edit plug the setting for the row height has an effect on all rows of the table. The possibility to emphasize the text in bold is not available here.
  • In the dialogs Multilingual input and Dictionary the row height is set non-adjustable to three rows.


The settings for the row height and the "Bold" font are saved like the column width in the dialog memory and can be exchanged with other users via the export and import of the user-specific settings.

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