This functionality is only available for certain module packages. Info / Copyright

Predefining Functions as the Source / Target of the Connection

You can now also determine the source and target of connections manually. To this purpose use the new Source / Target connection property at the connected functions. This property is available to you in the property dialog of functions in the subsequent dialog Connection point logic.

Specify here whether the connection point determines the source or the target of the connection. If the "Undefined" entry is selected, source and target of the connection are determined via the DT or - if the Determine the source and target of connections from the placement project setting is activated - page-oriented in accordance with the graphical sequence.


The source and target of connections can be determined manually by means of the Source / Target connection property. The property can, for example, be used in device macros or stored in symbols that you created yourself.

For Cable connections you can control the source and target via this property, if the Determine source and target of the cables via the cable connections project setting is activated.

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