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Extended Settings for the Reset Area of the Connection Numbering

In the settings for the connection numbering you have the possibility to specify a reset range for the counter. The command path to these settings is: File > Settings > Projects > "Project name" > Connections > Connection numbering. Depending on the criteria specified there, the counter starts again with the start value if the page or a structure identifier, for example, has changed. Now you additionally have the possibility to have the counter reset when the schematic path changes.


By means of the new Schematic path settings option for the counter reset range you can number connections for a path numbering in such a way that the counter in each schematic path begins again with the start value. This is of interest in particular for configuration to the NFPA standard.

The new Schematic path check box is available in the Settings: Counter reset range dialog to this purpose. If this check box is selected, the counter is reset to the start value as soon as the schematic path changes. Depending on the plot frame used, the counter is reset per column or per row.

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