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Basic Projects

Basic projects are templates from which you can create new projects. When doing this, all data of the basic project is adopted in the new project.

File type


EPLAN basic project (*.zw9)

Basic project / *.zw9 file: You can create new projects from a *.zw9 file and save EPLAN projects as *.zw9 files.

A basic project can contain (e.g.) the following project settings, project data, and master data.

  • All project settings: Project settings are the settings under File > Settings > Projects > "Project name". This includes the schemes for pages and device structure.
  • All project data: Project data are for example unplaced devices and devices placed on pages.
  • All pages: All pages that are located in the basic project are adopted.
  • Master data: Master data stored in the project, such as forms and symbols.
  • Stored external documents and image files: Stored external documents and image files are data that you have directly linked into the project or which you have subsequently copied into the project via the command Store documents (Stored external documents). (To this purpose you first have to Customize the ribbon and then assign the desired command to a user-defined command group.)
  • Referenced data: When a basic project is created, all referenced data is stored in the project. Referenced data is data that is linked with the project (e.g.) via a hyperlink, but which is not contained in the project. This includes external documents, attached documents, and image files. In order for this data to be stored in a basic project, these files must be located on a local drive or a network drive to which you have access permission. Data linked via the HTTP protocol is not stored in a basic project.

Sample templates

After a standard EPLAN installation the ..\Templates\EPLAN and ..\Templates\<Company code> directories contain, for example, the following basic projects.

File name



IEC identifier structure is pre-defined. Contains master data such as symbol libraries, forms, plot frame.


Sequential numbering is pre-defined. Contains master data such as symbol libraries, forms, plot frame.


Suitable for creating projects conforming to the GOST standard. Contains master data such as symbol libraries, forms, plot frame.

Action for converting old project templates

Project templates from older EPLAN versions (Version 2.9 and older) can be converted to basic projects using the XPrjConvertBaseProjectsAction action. By means of this action you can execute the conversion of project templates via a command line call, via script or via the EPLAN API. With the specification of different parameters you can select individual project templates, directories or specific file types for the conversion.

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