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Tab Properties

In this tab the product-group-specific / record-specific properties are displayed in a table and can be edited by you depending on the selected part/record type.

Overview of the main dialog elements:


You can specify the display of the properties by means of the following buttons:



(Tree view)

Shows the properties in a tree view.

(List view)

Shows the properties arranged one below the other in a list.

(All properties)

Shows all properties.

(Filled properties)

Only shows the properties for which a value is available.

(From scheme)

Shows the configured properties from the scheme.

If the button (From scheme) is activated, you can select a scheme for display and editing of the properties from the drop-down list. Use [...] to open the dialog for the property configuration. There you can determine which properties are to be displayed and in which sequence for a scheme.

If one of the buttons (All properties), (Filled properties) or (From scheme) is activated, you can switch between tree view and list view via the buttons (Tree view) and (List view).


  • There is a separate scheme for each record type (part, accessory list, drilling pattern, etc.) in the Properties tab, so that only the relevant properties are displayed during the configuration.
  • The schemes created in this tab are not available to you in the Overview tab.


Into this field enter the text for which the properties are to be filtered. Both the names of the displayed properties as well as the values are searched.

If you want to return to the original view of the properties, remove the search term from the entry field. Click (Delete) to do so.

Property / Value:

Shows the values of specific properties for the marked part(s) / record type(s). Which properties and values you can edit here depends on the selected scheme / button for the properties.

Popup menu:

The popup menu provides - depending on the field type (e.g. date, integer, multilingual) - the following menu items that are, depending on the situation, available for influencing the table or editing the values in the fields. You can find an overview of these popup menu items in the section Popup menu items.

In addition, the following dialog-specific popup menu items are available:

Menu item


Go to

Only available for properties which reference another part (for example, the property Busbar support: Part number for parts of the product grouping "Mechanics > Busbars > System"). Jumps to the part that is entered in the currently selected cell.

Overview of the main properties:

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