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Behavior of Shields

Shields can only be defined graphically. On a connection it is impossible to specify the shield that surrounds it.

Shields must not necessarily be named. However, it is necessary to assign a name if you draw distributed shields or would like to use non-connected shields.

Unshielded connections can superimpose a function template with a shield.

Unnamed shields

Shields can be used in a project without names. In this case, however, it is necessary for a cable definition line to intersect the connection connected to the shield.


If multiple shields are defined only graphically and don't have shield names, EPLAN can not differentiate them at first. The organization of shields is only detected after a one-time assignment of the cable connections in the Edit cable dialog. In doing so, the cable connections are first assigned without consideration of shields, but the shields will be given the names from the part. Then the Edit cable dialog is opened again and the cable connections reassigned. Because the shields now have names, EPLAN can recognize how they are organized and correctly assign the cable connections with the shields in mind.

External shields

If a shield connected on both sides has the representation type "External", then the shielded cable connection becomes an external connection. This is independent of the representation type of the functions connected. Such a connection is not shown in the connections navigator.

Definition of shields in parts management

Shields should not be defined as their own function templates in the parts management, but rather implicitly using the connections of the cable part. If the part has a function template with the function definition "Conductor / wire" and the potential type "SH", a shield is generated automatically when the device is inserted as a cable (via the Insert center) before this part connection is inserted. The shield name is taken from the Color / no. field of this connection. During the Device selection a function template is generated for the shield and the data of this function template is assigned to the shield designated in the schematic.

Subsequent drawing in of shields

Shields which are stored at the cable part can - but do not have to be - drawn. When you draw in a shield subsequently, the DT of the cable in which the shielded connection lies is automatically assigned to the shield. At the shield you then still have to enter the name of the shield.

The connection property Shielded by (ID 31049) is not necessarily used for assigning the shield to the connection but when it is filled it must also be suitable for the shield (otherwise there is no assignment).

Shields at automatically generated cables

Existing cables are not separated during the automatic generation. If a different DT is entered at the shield than at the associated shield connection (i.e. at the connection at which the shield is applied), the shield uses the DT of the applied shield connection.

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