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Insert center

The Insert center allows you to insert different objects such as symbols, devices as well as window and symbol macros directly via a shared dialog onto project pages or into layout spaces. In addition the dialog provides various rapid access possibilities which allow you to accelerate the configuration:

  • By entering a search term you can specifically search for the required objects. Using placeholders allows manifold search options.
  • The Insert center remembers the objects last used and this way makes the selection easier if you want to place an object already used in the project again.
  • You can define objects as Favorites if you have to insert the same objects frequently into your project.
  • Assign a Tag to an object. This way you can "group" specific objects under a tag, for example a manufacturer name.
  • Favorites are saved in the user settings, tags in the company settings and can be imported and exported. This allows the stored information to also be used on other workstations.


  • Page macros are not considered by the Insert center. Please select the following command path for the insertion of this macro type: Tab Home > Command group Page > Drop-down button Page macro > Insert.
  • The Insert center is only available in the graphical editor, but not in the other editors such as in the plot frame, form or symbol editor.

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