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Pre-planning: Procedure

The pre-planning and the detailed planning based on it are created using the following steps:

  • Configuring: This includes the creation and customization of segment definitions and user-defined properties. It also makes sense to create suitable macros with placeholder objects and value sets that, in the next step, you store at segments in the pre-planning and then place in the detailed planning.
  • Creating the pre-planning: To do so, in the pre-planning navigator, create structure segments and planning objects, then arrange them in a tree structure. Enter data for the individual segments; store macros, parts, templates, etc. at the planning objects. In addition you have the possibility to import lists with pre-planning data that were created in external applications (command path: Tab Pre-planning > Command group General > Import).
  • Creating the detailed planning: To do so, place macros or functions from the pre-planning navigator on the schematic pages. Using the Pre-planning finished property, you can specify at a structure segment or planning object that this is finished and ready for the detailed planning.
  • Generate report: You can generate reports before and after creating the detailed planning. Before you start with the detailed planning, you can use the report types "Pre-planning: Structure segment overview", "Pre-planning: Structure segment plan", "Pre-planning: Planning object overview", and "Pre-planning: Planning object plan" to get an overview of the segments used. In addition, you can use part-specific reports ("Parts list", "Summarized parts list") to generate data sheets or order material.
  • Check: You can conduct error checking before and after creating the detailed planning. There are specific check runs to this purpose which check segments, segment definitions and user-defined properties. Other check runs can be used to determine whether a detailed planning has been created for all segments. You can also define your own error checking for the pre-planning depth.
    The segments with errors are identified in the pre-planning navigator with a red exclamation mark. In order to have only the segments with errors displayed in this navigator use the Messages in message management property as a filter criterion.

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