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Dialog Move PLC inputs and outputs

In this dialog you can clearly and comfortably assign the configured PLC I/O connection points and the associated power supplies to other physical PLC connection points of the PLC device, meaning that you "move" the PLC connection points. Here, moving means that the function data (for example symbolic address and function text) of a PLC connection point are assigned to another PLC connection point. The PLC inputs and outputs can be moved both within a PLC card as well as from one PLC card to another PLC card.

Overview of the main dialog elements:

Available connection points of the PLC devices:

The PLC connection points that are available as functions or free function templates of the selected PLC devices are displayed in the table. The displayed data cannot be changed here. The sequence corresponds to the display in the tree view of the PLC navigator as well as to the sequence of the function templates of the part. The following columns can, amongst others, be displayed:

  • Status: Indicates on the basis of the icons (as in the PLC navigator) whether a function of the PLC device is placed or not, whether the function overlays a function template of a part or whether free function templates of the part are left over.
  • DT (full): This column shows to which PLC device the PLC connection points belong.


The function data of the PLC connection points defined in the project is displayed in the table. The values shown in the columns of the table provide information and cannot be modified here. By moving the rows, these function data (for example Symbolic address and Function text) can be assigned to other PLC connection points or free function templates.


If the option Edit channel-oriented is activated in the popup menu, the selection is automatically extended to the entire channel including power supply. This way all PLC connection points belonging to the channel are moved together. Requirement for this working method is that the channel designation is entered at the PLC connection points.

If you want to move individual, selected PLC connection points, deactivate the option Edit channel-oriented in the popup menu. In this case you must ensure yourself that channels are not separated.

Arrow buttons:

If you have marked PLC connection points in the Functions table, you can user the arrow buttons to change the assignment of the function data to the PLC connection points of the PLC device. The buttons are only active if it is possible to move or exchange the selected function data. Function data can only be moved to free positions and the function definition must match. To detect this more easily the Function definition column is available in both tables.

Moving or exchanging of channels is only possible if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • The number of PLC connection points in the channel matches.
  • The function definitions of the PLC connection points match.
  • The sequence of the function definitions of the PLC connection points in the channels is identical.

By moving and exchanging, only the sequence in the Functions table change while the sequence in the Available connection points of the PLC devices table remains unchanged. When leaving the dialog with [OK], the data is transferred to the functions in the project according to their assignment in the two tables. The placement of the functions in the project does not change in the process. This means that the placed function keeps its symbolic address and its function text but after moving corresponds to another PLC connection point of the PLC device.

In the overview, the PLC addresses remain unchanged in their position since the overview displays the physical structure of the PLC card. After moving, the data of the assigned PLC connection points is displayed at the PLC addresses in the overview (placement data, function definition, connection point data, etc.).

Popup menu:

The popup menu provides - depending on the field type (e.g. date, integer, multilingual) - the following menu items that are, depending on the situation, available for influencing the table or editing the values in the fields. You can find an overview of these popup menu items in the section Popup menu items.

In addition, the following dialog-specific popup menu items are available:

Menu item


Edit channel-oriented

If this option is activated, the complete channel including power supply is moved or exchanged.

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