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Dialog Settings: Project management database

In this dialog you specify the settings for the current project management database. Project management can be based on an internal EPLAN database or an SQL server database.

Overview of the main dialog elements:


If you have selected this option, you can use to branch to a file selection dialog where you select the project management database (*.db). By default, the project management database is stored in the project directory (path variable "$(MD_PROJECTS)"). You can, however, select any other directory.

You can use the Insert path variable popup menu item to branch to the dialog Select path variable where you can select one of the available path variables.

If this field is empty, you are working without project management.

SQL server:

Select this option and click [...] to specify the settings for using an SQL server in the SQL server setting dialog.
Or you select the desired SQL database from the drop-down list of the 15 ones last used. In it the databases used last are listed at the top. When a new database that is not yet contained in the list is opened / generated , the lowest database may be removed from the list. The list can be emptied with the exception of the database currently being used via the popup menu item Delete entries.


The (New) button next to the EPLAN and SQL Server fields allows you to create a project management database. At the EPLAN option the New database dialog is opened. If you have selected the SQL server option, the Generate SQL server database dialog is opened. The newly created database will then be entered in the settings as project management database and is therefore automatically selected.

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