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Dialog Settings: Symbol libraries

In this dialog you can add symbol libraries to the current project, i.e. store them in the project, or delete stored libraries. The symbol selection via the Insert center only displays those symbols from the stored symbol libraries whereby symbol libraries are identified by name (without the path) in the project.

Symbol libraries are referenced as follows:

  • All symbol libraries which are specified in the project settings (command path: File > Settings > Projects > "Project name" > Management > Symbol libraries)
  • All symbol libraries which ere opened or generated (command path: Tab Master data > Command group Symbols > Drop-down button Symbol library > Open or New)
  • Symbol libraries contained in the Assignment 'Property / value to graphic', Assignment 'Function definition to graphic' and Assignment 'Index to graphic' form properties.


If you initiate a symbol library update in the Synchronize master data <Project name> dialog (command path: Tab Master data > Command group Synchronization > Synchronize project), the individual symbols will be checked before the symbol library is replaced. If incompatible data is found the process is interrupted with a prompt.

Overview of the main dialog elements:


If this check box is activated, the corresponding symbol library is synchronized automatically with the master data pool when the project is opened in as far the Synchronize project master data when opening check box is activated in the dialog Settings: General (projects, management) (File > Settings > Projects > "Project name" > Management > General).

Preceding sign:

Specify the preceding sign that is used to differentiate symbol libraries. EPLAN automatically suggests using the first letter of the symbol library name.

In the list view for the Symbol selection you can specify via the popup menu Name with preceding sign that an additional column should be displayed that contains the preceding sign entered here for the symbol library as well as the actual symbol name, separated by a colon.

Symbol libraries:

Click [...] in this column to select a new symbol library to replace the current one (as long as the original and the replacement are compatible) or, if you clicked [...] in an empty column, to store a new, additional symbol library.

Default variant:

Click this column to open the drop-down list and select an entry. The entry selected here is then used as a default value for the standard variant of the symbols in the relevant symbol library. For individual symbols, this default variant can be changed in the Symbol properties - <Symbol name> dialog.


Click this icon on the toolbar above the table in order to delete the unused symbol library from the project. EPLAN will check whether the symbols from this library are being used in the project and, in this case, a prompt will appear.

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