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Parts Management: Migration of old Parts Databases

Because of a changed database technology, parts databases from older EPLAN versions (Version 2.9 or older) cannot be used in the current version. However, it is possible to transfer "old" parts databases into new databases in the parts management.

To this purpose you can select old databases in the Settings: Parts (user) dialog during the selection of the database source. If such a database is set or selected for one of the options EPLAN or SQL Server in the settings dialog, the subsequent dialog Migrate parts database with which you can transfer the old parts databases to the new ones is opened. These new parts databases can then be used in the current EPLAN version.

Synchronize parts databases

If you have migrated an old parts database (Access / SQL Server) and kept maintaining the parts data in the new parts management, you can write the changed data from the new parts database (EPLAN / SQL Server) into the old, updated parts database. This parts database can then be opened in older EPLAN versions (Version 2.9 or older) but not be edited.

The "Synchronize parts databases" action is available in the Customize dialog in the drop-down list Select commands for the "Actions" entry to perform such a synchronization. So that you can perform this action as a command in the ribbon, you have to assign the action to a user-defined command group in the Main tabs field. And then you have to adapt the following entry in the Command line field of the subsequent Rename dialog:

XPamArticlesSyncAction /srcdb:"?" /destdb:"?"

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