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Lining up 3D Part Placements without Gaps

3D part placements that are inserted next to each other on a mounting rail, C horizontal rail or busbar in the layout space, and between which there are gaps, can be aligned without gaps in EPLAN Pro Panel. Depending on the alignment of the rail, it is possible to line up from right to left, from bottom to top or vice versa. Part placements can also be adjoined at the ends of a rail. Which 3D viewpoint you have selected in the layout space is irrelevant for the line-up.


  • You have opened a project.
  • You have opened a layout space.
  • The layout space contains a rail with part placements between which gaps exist.
    Or there is a gap between 3D part placements on a rail and one end of the rail.


  • If mounting clearances were defined at 3D part placements, these clearances are retained at the line-up.
  • If 3D part placements dispose of subordinate elements, these are moved as well and can cover areas of adjacent 3D part placements. Collisions with neighboring items can also occur during the line-up of 3D part placements, for example at terminals with detent lugs.

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