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Navigation Cube

As of Version 2024 a Navigation cube is available in EPLAN Pro Panel when viewing a 3D mounting layout in the layout space. The navigation cube can be controlled both with mouse clicks and with shortcut keys and makes comfortable selection of different orthogonal or isometric views of the layout space easier.

The navigation cube offers the following possibilities:

  • The navigation cube is displayed at the top right in the layout space and allows rapid modifications to the views of the 3D mounting layout.
  • A total of six orthogonal and twenty isometric views can be set.
  • The views are changed either by clicking a face, a corner or an edge of the navigation cube.
  • A separate button () below the navigation cube allows you to switch to a home view that can be defined as the standard view via a user-defined setting.
  • If an orthogonal view is set, triangular buttons () appear at the top right, top left and center bottom on all four sides of the navigation cube, with which you can rotate the view by 90° in all directions around the X, Y or Z axis.
  • It is possible to rotate any selected view by 90° either clockwise or counterclockwise by using the arrow buttons ( and ) to the right above the navigation cube.
  • Depending on the current view, the faces in the navigation cube are colored red (X-axis), green (Y-axis) or blue (Z-axis).
  • User-specific settings can be used to show or hide the navigation cube in the layout space and to specify its size.

  • The navigation cube can be controlled with the ten familiar EPLAN Pro Panel shortcut keys for the six orthogonal and the four isometric views. In addition four further shortcut keys are available - two for rotating the view by 90° and two to switch to the home view and to define it.


  • As an alternative to the navigation cube it is possible at any time to set the orthogonal or isometric views of a 3D mounting layout in the status bar of the graphical editor by means of the menu items in the drop-down button Rotate viewing angle.
  • If you have activated the functionality Rotate viewing angle in the status bar and you change the viewing angle in the layout space by moving the mouse, the navigation cube rotates correspondingly.

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