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Moving Property Texts

Through the Move command in the Home tab the insertion points of the property texts of components are activated and can be made visible for these by clicking the individual components. The texts can then be moved by using Drag & Drop.

The contact image can also be manually moved in this way.


  • You have opened a project. You have opened an editor such as the graphical editor, the plot frame editor, etc.
  • The property texts may not be docked. Undock the texts, if necessary (by using (undock) in the Display tab of the property dialog).
  1. Select the following commands: Tab Home > Command group Text > Move.
  2. Select the component whose property text you wish to move.

    The element points of the property text are shown as small square frames.
  3. Select a property text and move it. Make sure that any leader line that may have been set is moved as well. (Leader lines are defined in the Display tab under Border.)

    The selection will stay active until you select another property text or cancel the action.


If you hold the [Shift] key down while moving, the current grid snap is "divided by four". The insertion point can then be moved in steps of a one-fourth of the grid size.

Reset moved property texts

With the Reset command all the moved property texts of the marked symbols are deleted. The property texts are shown again which are stored in the symbol. (Each symbol contains the information which property texts are displayed by default when inserting this symbol.)

  1. Select the desired components.
  2. Select the following commands: Tab Home > Command group Text > Drop-down button Move > Reset.

    The copied property texts of all components will be deleted, and the default property text of the symbol will be displayed.

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