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Fitting Text in Alignment Boxes

Texts or placeholder texts can be fitted in the alignment box and thus adapted to the specific space available on a page in the form. Drawing in of the alignment box is not required. The display property Text fitting permitted is available in order to scale a text correspondingly in an alignment box without it being truncated. This check box allows the scaling of texts. Fitting itself is carried out by a subsequent action.

Preparing texts for fitting


You have opened a project. You have opened a page or a form.

  1. Double-click a text / placeholder text.
  2. In the Properties dialog, bring the Format tab to the foreground.
  3. Open the Alignment box hierarchy level and activate the check boxes for the properties Activate alignment box, Text width fixed, Text height fixed and Text fitting permitted.
  4. Click [OK].


As for all other format and display settings you can also transfer these four settings to other texts / placeholder texts by using the commands Copy format and Assign format.

Adapting texts automatically

The output placeholder texts are adapted automatically during the generation of reports.

Adapting texts manually


You have opened a project. You have opened a page or a form or the page navigator.

  1. Select one or more texts / placeholder texts. Or mark the selected pages or the project in the page navigator.
  2. Select the following command in the graphical editor: Fit texts in alignment boxes. (To this purpose you first have to Customize the ribbon and then assign the desired command to a user-defined command group.)

    The font size of the corresponding texts is reduced so that the text fits into the alignment box. The calculated font size is entered automatically in the property dialog in the Font size setting.

    If you have marked report pages in the page navigator, the output texts with a corresponding setting are also fitted manually.

    If you have marked invisible texts in an editor or in the page navigator during selection, fitting is also applied to these texts.


  • The font size is only reduced when fitting the text. At a subsequent enlargement of the alignment box the font size cannot be enlarged again by fitting it in the alignment box.
  • If you carry out the command Fit texts in alignment boxes for a component in the schematic, scaling is only carried out at those property texts at which the requirements (alignment box activated, etc.) are fulfilled for fitting.

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