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Automatically Generating Functions Using a Numbering Pattern

In EPLAN you can automatically generate several unplaced functions by specifying a numbering pattern. The functionality can be used with the following functions:

  • Terminals
  • Pins
  • Contactor contacts, relay coil contacts (NO, changer, NC)
  • Device and PLC connections
  • Busbars.

Depending on the selected function definition, the numbering pattern defines the number of new functions and the terminal, plug or connection point designations. Using the numbering pattern 1a,1b,2a-8b you can (e.g.) create 16 functions with the designations 1a,1b,2a,2b,3a,3b,4a,4b,5a,5b,6a,6b,7a,7b,8a,8b.


You have opened a project.

  1. Select the following commands: Tab Devices > Command group Devices > Navigator.
  2. Select an existing DT.
  3. Select the New functions popup menu item.

    The full DT is entered into the Generate functions dialog. If you wish to generate a new DT, then enter a new full DT into the Generate functions dialog, in the Full DT field.
  4. Click [...] next to the Function definition field and select a function definition from the subsequent dialog.

    The number of connection points of the selected function definition is entered into the Number of connection points field.
  5. Enter the connection point designations to be used for the new functions into the Numbering pattern field.

    Depending on the numbering pattern chosen, the number of functions that will be created is displayed in the Number of new functions field.
  6. Click [OK].

    The functions are created in the device navigator.


You can also create functions in the same manner in the PLC navigator, the terminal strip navigator and the plug navigator.

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