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    You can run scripts in EPLAN without having licensed the EPLAN API. Scripts are executable program code, written in C# (*.cs files) or Visual Basic.Net (*.vb files). Scripts always exist as source code. When you start a script, it will be loaded into the system, compiled and then executed. 

    For scripting, the following ribbon item "File", under "Extras", "Interfaces" you will find the category “Scripts”.




    After calling "File", "Extras", "Interfaces", "Scripts > Run...", a file dialog appears and a script file to execute can be selected. 


    In a script following Microsoft .Net framework assemblies can be used : 



    also these EPLAN assemblies are referenced by default : 




    There is no way to reference additional assemblies (.Net framework, EPLAN or other providers)! 

    This feature is only available for Eplan API developers having 'EPLAN API Extension' license.